AMR Furniture repair For all of your furniture repair and spot cleaning needs.
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Furniture repair

All of our repairs are done on site in your home servicing Southeast Wisconsin, Northeast Illinois, and Northwest Indiana.

Guardsman FurniturePro’s are experienced technicians that can handle most of your furniture repair needs.  We have extensive experience across many different types of furniture repair, specializing in wood, fabric, and leather which includes these common repairs:


  • Spot cleaning of leather and fabric furniture
  • Re-stuffing
  • Repairing dents, gouges, and chips
  • Repair of cuts and tears in leather
  • Removing water marks and heat marks
  • Fix stitching and replace fabric/leathercut and sewn parts
  • Mechanism replacement
  • Assembly of furniture
  • Repair of mechanical and some electrical components
  • and many other repairs.

...and many other repairs. Please Contact Us to see if we can help you!


About Us

AMR Furniture Repair has been cleaning and repairing furniture for more than 20 years, helping families and businesses to maintain the beauty of their furniture and the value of their investments. Extensively trained by Guardsman to ensure that we provide top quality, state-of-the art services, you can trust that we are local experts who will provide you with the highest quality and professionalism.